JABSCO’S PUREFLO multiple fourfold membrane pump was developed specially for use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. In doing so, special attention was paid to the requirements of these industries. The simple construction and the effortless operability make disruption-free operation possible.

  • Performance output: min. 6 l/h up to max. 1,380 l/h
  • Discharge Pressure up to max. 6.0 bar, when used continuously


Typical Applications:

Production of ...

  • Plasma-protein solutions
  • Cell cultures, cell suspensions such as bacteria, yeast, mammalian cells
  • Bacterial and viral vaccines
  • Enzyme solutions
  • Product solutions
  • Dosing tasks of foodstuff up to 250 m Pa s

Utilization in …

  • Filtration, Chromatography

Serving …

  • Centrifuges and separators


The pump principle guarantees a flow that is especially gentle on the products. The energy input into the product is extremely low and thus temperature increases are minimal.  This is especially beneficial when very small quantities of liquid are circulated.

The self-priming design allows the pump to generate negative pressure. Liquids are sucked into the pump without it having to be filled beforehand.

The liquid enters on the suction side and is sucked in through the inlet valve as soon as the piston is moved away.

Once the piston is returned to the inlet valve, the liquid is pressed through the outlet valve of the valve chamber into the pump’s pressure port.


Technical Details

  • Easy to clean, seal-less
  • Dry-running, dry self-priming
  • Extremely quiet and smooth operation
  • Compact, small design
  • Performance output up to 23 l/min
  • Discharge pressure up to 6.0 bar. When in continuous operation not more than 5.0 bar should be exceeded.
  • Temperature up to 60°C during continuous use; CIP-Cleaning up to 90°C, SIP-Cleaning up to 135°C
  • Viscosity up to 250 Centipoise
  • Very little energy input into the product, even during the circulation of minimum quantities

Parts in contact with the product

  • Pump head: Stainless Steel 316L (1.4404)
  • Membrane: Santoprene®
  • Valve/O-Ring: EPDM/Buna
  • Valve casing & Piston: Polypropylene
  • Connections: Tri-Clamp ¾”


  • Direct current motor: 24 V DC, electronically regulated
  • Protection type: IP 54
  • Rotational speed: variable speed
  • Current consumption: max. 8.7 Ampere
  • Torque: 0.59 Nm at 3,000 UpM
  • Motor Performance: 185 Watt«

Switch panel

  • The power supply recognizes input voltage 115 - 240 V, AC 50 Hz or 60 Hz
  • Control Voltage: 24 V, DC
  • Control (ON/OFF): the Touch Pad 0-100% can be programmed to conform to varying performance ranges

Materials / Surfaces

  • Parts that come into contact with the product are manufactured exclusively from FDA & USP Class VI approved materials
  • 3.1 B Certification is standard
  • Surfaces Ra < 0,8 µ is standard, Ra < 0,5 µ and electrolytically polished surfaces are a further option

Other Versions

  • Pump head for installation on an IEC-standard-motor
  • Pump with IEC-Standard-motor
  • Pump with IEC-standard-motor and mounted frequency converter


Performance Data Pureflo® 21


Product brochure Jabsco Pureflo® 21:

>> Download Product brochure Pureflo® 21

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